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at the Rivers Ibis Club

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ZUMBA: Returns to Rivers....a latin inspired dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmospher. Classes can also contain everything from jazz to african beats to country to hiphop and pop!
MILITARY FIT: Tough army-style workout designed to take you all the way to fatigue. Not for the faint hearted. 
HATHA VINYASA FLOW YOGA: Monday evenings & Thursday mornings, movements are synchronized to the breath and different poses run together smoothly and become like a dance. FREE TO RIVERS MEMBERS (within membership hours)
SPARTACUS:  For anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. Spartacus gives you a total body workout. 
LEAN XTREME - A total body conditioning, interval based workout session. Muscular strength and endurance training with a cardio impact. Rapid fat burning resulting in the ultimate toned holistic resistance workout. 
CIRCUITS: A form of body conditioning and resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. Increase your metabolism and boost your fitness levels
CARDIO BLAST: Interval training on the cardio cascular equipment to improve your performance whether its for walking, running, cycling, rowing or even cross country sports. This class suits all levels.
RELENTLESS: Exciting new class: A class in which you have to give 100% effort through intense periods of HIIT circuits! Build muscle and burn fat!
BOOTCAMP: The ultimate tyre lifting workout that combines cardio with resistance to maximise results. Held outside no matter the weather. Be prepared to work to your limits. 
AB'S : Tone and flatten your stomach and lose some inches from around the waist line. Perfect for back injuries, build your core strength to   improve your posture. 
INDOOR CYCLING: A tough, heart pumping workout, taught on a stationary bike. You will climb and sprint through each motivating track with the aid of our instructors, to push you to your limits, and beyond.
LBT: Legs, Bums & Tums. Tone those areas we love to hate and learn a new variety of new exercises to tone and burn calories. Keep yourself motivated, by meeting other regular Rivers members and with the help of our instructors to achieve a flat stomach, toned legs and bottom.
BOXFIT: Boxing related training is proven as one of the best fitness, toning and calorie burning classes around. Our highly skilled trainers will boost your workout and take your training to the next level. Gloves and pads are provided.
CORE: Tough conditioning style class focused fully on core strength and stability Suitable for all.                                                                                                                   
FLOW: a mixture of core work and dynamic stretching  movements. Promote muscular recovery and challenge that core. Another new and exciting class.
TOTAL TONE: a class designed to focus on shaping your body just the way you wanted to. Total body conditioning weighted circuit class. Time to tone!
BOXHITT: incorporating high intense periods of exercise with intermittent rest periods alongside boxing style fitness work.
LIFT: a class involving compound lifts accumulating the ability to lift safely yet lift BIG.
CRT CIRCUIT: CircuitCardio Resistance Training is a gym based class that alternates intermediate cardio and strength training exercises for a full-body workout.
RUNNING CLUB: A mixture of running, sprints and interval training. Suitable for all abilities. Give it a go. 
BOOTY BLAST: Strengthen & grow those gluts, booty blast will guarantee results that you and your friends desire!
STRETCH: When you just need to be stretched out because you have been working hard in the gym. STRETCH will solve those problems so you can get back to popping squats!
Rivers gym usage for young adults:
YouthFit: A gym based fitness class for children aged 13 to 15 years old. A compulsory £5 gym induction must be completed before attending the class. £3 per class thereafter. Participants do not need to be accompanied by an adult during this class. 
The following classes are provided by external companies and are therefore at  an additional cost to membership:
The Pole Fitness Academy - use trained and experienced instructors that teach with a fitness interpretation of the pole dancing art. Classes are open to ladies and gents of any size, shape or fitness ability and will start at level 1 for complete beginners. To book your first Pole Fitness class free of charge, please use this link or email
Pilates - improves flexibility, builds strength, develops control and endurance in the whole body. 10 week courses, please book at club reception.
Shotokan Karate - Teaches self defence, fitness, discipline, confidence & flexibility. Ideal for men, women and children from 5 years old. New club for beginners starting on 8 April 2018, every Sunday 9.30am. For more details contact 0750 333 6773 or email